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In coming years, the Aakash-II Tablet launched by MHRD, is likely to become a ubiquitous tool in the hands of students. This research aims at developing useful Open Source applications and contents for different versions of the tablet. These will range from animations to scientific computing, and will encompass the entire educational spectrum covering schools, colleges, and professional studies.

G L Bajaj as being one of the Aakash II Tablet centre is proud to be part of this project. Under this collaborative work, the plan is to deploy Aakash-II Tablet in selective engineering colleges in India with two objectives. The first one is to test and enhance the effectiveness of these tablets for use of classroom environment. The second is development of new educational applications and contents on Aakash-II Tablet, largely through final year R&D projects done by BE/ME students.

List of Workshops Conducted

Aakash Android Application Programming - Students [Feb 23 - Mar 03, 2013]

Following topics covered in the workshop:

  1. Android Apps Programming
  2. Getting Started with Android
  3. Setting up Eclipse for Android Software Development
  4. Android Building Blocks
  5. Layouts and UI Control
  6. Android Application Resources
  7. Introduction to Animation and Graphics
  8. Data Storage
  9. Web Application Development
  10. Publishing your Application

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Aakash For Education - Coordinator [Oct 25 - Nov 05, 2012] & Teachers [Nov 10-11, 2012]

The objective of this workshop is to introduce the tablet computers in general, and Aakash tablets in particular, to the participating faculty. The emphasis will be on using applications specially developed for Aakash at IIT Bombay, for effective use of these tablets in the educational process. Following topics covered in the workshop

  1. Introduction to tablet computers and Aakash
  2. Applications available on Android platform
  3. Special educational applications
  4. Clicker software for conducting tests
  5. Proximity application to develop interactive lessons
  6. Programming environment on Aakash (C, C++, Python)
  7. Engineering application - Robot Control

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