Vision & Mission [GL Bajaj Group of Institutions]
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Vision & Mission

Our Vision is not a roadmap but the compass to lead

To metamorphose every individual aspirant mind of the country into a truly potent global technocrat preserving the traditional, moral and ethical values of our nation by means of delivering exemplary education aggrandized further within high-tech discipline academic environment.


G L Bajaj Group of Institutions, an integrated campus is committed

  • To identify young people with professional and entrepreneurial aspirations, talents and determination and trigger them off to become excellent inspirational leaders in their chosen pursuits
  • To raise capable, confident and highly knowledgeable technocrats, architects, managers & entrepreneurs with global service skills
  • To develop an ability to understand and apply a multi-functional approach to achieve overall mission of the organization
  • To blend knowledge with technology towards perfection
  • To provide an educational environment that emphasizes technical attitude and managerial skills

Our Global Recruiters [Placements 2016-17]

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